The royal tush

I feel that I’ve been dealt a pretty shitty hand of cards to play the game of life.

-Die reis-

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May the odds not always be in you favour

If everything worked in my favour, I might have been susceptible to choosing the right career the first time and getting married at 25. I guess I am grateful that everything didn’t always work out for me.

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The art of living alone

I was planning on making dinner, but I ended up just having a beer.

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Firsts – a (very) short story

“You can keep on going with them” Annie said breathing heavily. ”I just quickly want to catch my breath” She stopped to sit down on a boulder under a tree next to the hiking trail. “I’ll catch up with you guys”
André had already stopped when saw her slowing down. He moved closer to her so that he was also in the shade of the tree she was sitting under. “We’re in no hurry, take you time” He handed her his water bottle.
“Thanks” she said, her breathing slowly started to settle down. She took a few big swigs of water and handed back his bottle. “I probable should not have agreed to come along. I knew I wasn’t fit enough” she said apologetically. “I guess I just really wanted to come with you.” She lifted her face to meet his eyes. Continue reading

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Have mercy – A (very) short story

They were sitting on the low brick wall under the trees in exactly the spot they ran into each other more than two months ago. “Me and two friends from res are going hiking in Jonkershoek on Saturday. I was wondering if you would like to come with us?” André asked.
“That’s strange, I was also wondering something.”
“What is that?”
“I was wondering if you are ever going to kiss me.”
He awkwardly yanked his head up, meeting her eyes with his. He know he was suppose to do something, to kiss her, but he was completely baffled. He just held her eyes. Before he could get himself to respond, he heard the familiar sound of his best friends voice.
“Look who I found” Isak loudly exclaimed, squeezing himself in-between André and Annie, putting an arm around each of their shoulders, squeezing them closer to him until their heads almost touched.
“So Annie” Isak paused to turn his head to face Annie and look her directly in the eyes. “How does it feel to know that you are the reason I don’t get to see my best friend anymore?” he said pretending to be accusative.
Before Annie could continue her sentence, Isak interrupted. “You should feel bad”
“Well” Annie started again “You still see more than enough of each other. All that’s missing for you two to be called a couple, is holding hands in public” Annie proclaimed pretending to sport a cheeky attitude.
It’s Isak’s turn to defend. “I”
This time it’s Annie who doesn’t allow him to finish “You are probable already doing that when you’re alone.”
“Are you not going to say anything André? Are you just going to allow this woman to treat me like this” Isak said with a dramatic flair in his voice.
André lifted his head from where he was looking down at the gravel on the ground. All this time he sat there silently, trying to come to terms with what happened before Isak arrived.
“Really, nothing?” Isak Asked
André just shook his head and smiled.
“What have you done to him?”
“Well…I asked him if he is ever going to kiss me… and he responded by doing nothing.” Annie said wide eyed, still poking fun at André.
“Burn brother!” Isak proclaimed, truly showing some sympathy for his friend.
With a look on his face that were in-between apologetic and embarrassed, André broke his silence. “You really don’t have any mercy on me.”
“I’m leaving you two with this awkward situation now.” Isak said as he got up, formally nodding at both of them before he turned around and walked away.
Feeling that the offer Annie extended has expired, André broke the awkward silence. “Would you like to come with us on Saturday?

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The beginning of forever – a (very) short story

She was standing under the trees on the pavement talking to someone he doesn’t know. He paused for a few second as he was walking down the few small stairs of the building he just had class in when he noticed her. Stray sun rays managing to find their way through the leaves moved across her shoulders and although he was too far away to see it, he knew it was dancing off the tiny coils her blonde hair made in her neck when it is tied in a bun like that. He didn’t know how she would respond, it wasn’t as if they were friends before, but he deliberately pushed that from his mind as he approached her.
She was alone now, looking at her phone, which made him slightly more confident. He walked up to her not quite understanding why he was suddenly so nervous. She didn’t notice him coming closer and was visibly startled when he said her name.
Looking up from her phone the confusion almost immediately vanished when she recognised him.
“I saw you standing here and I thought I’ll just come and say hi” he said after a slight pause – just in time to prevent awkwardness. “How are you doing? Are you settling in fine in Stellenbosch?”
“I’m doing fine, and you?”
“I’m good.” He was trying to come up with something to say, he really didn’t want the conversation to end.
“Have you run into anyone else from school yet?”
“I’ve seen a few of them. Jessica have some classes with me. You decided to grow your hair I see.”
“Yes.” Looking at her, he self consciously pushes his hair behind his left ear. Her tone of voice didn’t give away whether she approve of it or not and just like he didn’t understand why he was so nervous, he also didn’t understand why that suddenly mattered to him. “I haven’t decided whether I’m going to keep it like this.” Just in case.
“Have you ran into any familiar people?”
Not the response he was looking for. “A few. I often hang out with Ish though, we’re still friends.”
“Not as if anyone expected that something will be able to separate you two!”
Again, where were she going with this. He just smiled. “I have to go. I have class in five minutes. You must have a good day.”
She smile back at him. There we go. That was the smile he remembered. The smile making everything behind her blur as it was a photo form a professional photo shoot – the only clear thing her face. Her face with that smile.
He turned around quickly, just to prevent himself from staring. That would be rude.
He stopped in his tracks and turned to face her again
“It’s really nice to see you”
That was all the encouragement he needed. He slowly took a few steps towards her again, unsure of himself, but determined not to let this chance slip. “Would you like to get coffee sometime?” Hesitant “Today maybe?”



Thanks for reading. Feel free to criticize.

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Life is a tug of war…

…between what I have to do and what I want to do.

True story.

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