The beginning of forever – a (very) short story

He noticed her whilst exiting the old university building after class. She was standing under the trees on the pavement talking to someone he didn’t know. Stray sun rays managing to find their way through the leaves danced across her neck and shoulders,. He hadn’t seen her in so long. Walking up to her, he felt nervous. She was alone now, looking down at her phone.
“Annie.” She didn’t notice him coming closer and was startled when she heard him.
Confusion quickly changed into a smile as she recognised him.
“I saw you standing here and I thought I’ll just come and say hi” he said after a slight pause – just in time to prevent awkwardness. “How are you? Is student life treating you well?”
“I’m doing fine, and you?”
“I’m good.” He was trying to come up with something to say, he didn’t want the conversation to end soon.
“Have you run into anyone else from school yet?”
“I’ve seen a few of them. Jessica have some classes with me. You decided to grow your hair I see.”
“Yes.” He self-consciously pushed his hair behind his left ear. Her tone of voice didn’t give away whether she approve of it or not and that suddenly mattered to him. “I haven’t decided whether I’m keeping it yet.” Just in case.
“Have you ran into any familiar people?”
Not the response he was looking for. “A few. I often hang out with Ish though, we’re still friends.”
“Not that anyone expected that something will be able to separate you two!”
He smiled. “I have to go. I have class in five minutes. It was really nice seeing you again.”
She smiled back at him. There we go. That was the smile he remembered. The smile that made everything behind her blur like a photo from a professional photo shoot – the only clear thing her face. Her face with that smile.
He started walking away quickly, mostly to prevent himself from staring for too long. That would be rude.
He stopped in his tracks and turned to face her again
“It was really nice to see you too”
That was all the encouragement he needed. He awkwardly walked towards her again, determined not to let this chance slip. “Would you like to get coffee sometime?” Hesitant “Today maybe?”

About Die reis

So....I really believe that I’m not the only person feeling this way. Like Lucius Annaeus Seneca  put it: "If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable." And that's exactly my problem...I have no idea where I want to be. I’m content in the moment, but is constantly restless about the future. I have too much of a hunger for success and fulfillment to just leave it there, but never in my life have I had a clear picture of where I want to be. Therefore I want to make life about the journey. I want to appreciate life for what it is, and not let the small things pass me by without noticing them. For the "where do I want to be?"...maybe I will find out along the way.
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