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Dear Boss

Don’t get me wrong. I understand being the boss is not easy. I understand that you have to make unpopular decisions and when you do that I respect you for it even if I don’t always agree. I would understand … Continue reading

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I finally finished David Copperfield!

Instead of reading captivating “easy read” books, I always opt for old classics, 10 cm’s thick en typed in a font that is so small it is nearly illegible.

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It hit the spot ;)

I don’t really know the rules of posting someone else’s word, but I assume giving them credit for it is enough. I hope. I read a guest post by CD Reiss (Almost like Die Reis :)) today on “lets get digital” … Continue reading

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The little green brain eater

I came across this picture (which I think is really funny) and then thought of the following joke that I use to tell as a kid (and also think is really funny): Question: What is little, green and sits in your … Continue reading

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Save planet earth

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Something that made me laugh.

I do enjoy a good joke. Unfortunately, of all jokes out there, only a few have the ability to really make you laugh. Here is one of the few jokes that I find funny. It’s supposed to be told in … Continue reading

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Freedom vs being considerate

I guess there is no question about the above quote being true, but is it really a good thing? Although I really wish that I operated like that, doesn’t it make you kind of inconsiderate?    

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