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May the odds not always be in you favour

If everything worked in my favour, I might have been susceptible to choosing the right career the first time and getting married at 25. I guess I am grateful that everything didn’t always work out for me. Advertisements

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Life is a tug of war…

…between what I have to do and what I want to do. True story.

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Funny stories from the past

I wrote this several years ago when I was still an university student. Although I would never write stuff like this again, it still made me laugh when I discovered it today. Hope you also enjoy it. O, and by … Continue reading

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True that – life

Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. Coldplay – The Scientist Image credit: madebymv.deviantart.com

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The difference between making choices and waiting for the next best thing.

I think that where I am at in my life is completely the result of not being able to make choices. I’m a teacher. The reason I’m a teacher? I sat behind a guy in the final class of my … Continue reading

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He must be an artist

I grew up in the “platteland” (country side) of South Africa. My grandmother lives close by and I spend most of my weekends at her house. She is a simple woman. I remember planting beans with her, helping her in … Continue reading

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I recently realizeds that…

life puts you under pressure to get you where you should be.   Because if you are too comfortable, you would just stay where you are. Hope that I’m having this right because I’m sure as hell starting to move.

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